TTL campaigns

The revival of OOH within paid, owned and earned campaigns

There is still the common misconception that amplification of content is only achieved through various forms of paid social and digital spend.

However, as marketers start to understand the full potential of integrated ad campaigns, and therefore consider different ways to achieve critical mass through paid media, the use of traditional channels like OOH have been revived. When executed correctly, OOH is a great way of driving cost effective mass reach, and driving organic sharing and word of mouth for a TTL campaign.

SNFC – the French Rail network, understands that push messaging alone may remind consumers it is there, but simply getting your brand name in front of as many eyeballs as possible is no longer the way to speak to consumers. In addition it realizes to compete in a world of clutter, and keep its brand front of mind, in a favourable way to its audience, their ad campaigns need to inspire, positively disrupt and delight.

The above example is a great use of OOH to create content and brand conversation that in turn has a wide reaching earned impact, without the need to spend too much additional budget on other paid channels to achieve reach and scale.