125×125 ad spots in the blog sidebar are available, please email for pricing. If you are interested in other size options, text links or blog posts, send a price request to rhiannon(dot)monks(at)


Content: This website doesn’t accepts advertising that contains: (i) pornography, (ii) explicit adult content, (iii) moral questionable content, (iv) illegal content of any kind, (v) illegal drugs promotion, (vi) racism, (vii) politics content, (viii) religious content, and/or (ix) fraudulent suspicious content. If your advertising and/or target web site has any of this content and you purchased an advertising package, you’ll not receive refund of any kind.

No Guarantee: ONLINEMEDIAZONE makes no guarantee regarding the levels of clicks for any ad on its site.

Payment: You agree to pay in advance the cost of the advertising. We will not setup any ad campaign(s) unless the payment process is complete. We may change our pricing at any time without prior notice. If you have an advertising campaign running and we change the pricing, you do not need to pay any difference. Your purchased fee will remain the same.


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