Everyday technology changes, improves and opens gateways to new realms of possibilities. Online Media Zone aims to share the latest news trimmings, digital examples and social media strategies that are changing industry standards on a daily basis.

If you have something of interest you’d like me to share with my audience then I’d be more than happy to post your campaign! My blog is frequented by leading industry professionals, both client and agency side. So if you’d like to show off your latest campaign, just email me with the links and details and stipulate who to reference.

This Blog is written by Rhiannon Monks.

About Me:


At 19, I finished my B.Commerce (Marketing) in Australia and thought I would spend an additional 2 years completing my Law degree. While I knew becoming a Lawyer was not my vocation in life, it taught me excellent problem solving skills and left me well versed in tactical strategy and problem solving. During this time, I also lectured at the University of Adelaide, teaching over 100 students how to research, plan and compile a Business Plan from a Client Services perspective. At that time Social Media was a faint murmur in a pre-Facebook world.

After 6.5 long years studying I decided it was time to leave the land of Oz. So I spread my wings and ambitiously trekked across 5 continents, with only my backpack, laptop, iPod and a good book to hand. I managed to cover almost 60 countries, and delved in to the local culture in each, learning Spanish along the way and vowing when I returned to a career in Marketing I would try my best to teach brands how to achieve true localisation while demonstrating that people in Third World Countries valued the same fundamental principles as those in the USA and Western Europe. As Facebook grew, Twitter was founded and Social Media became a buzzword, I realised that in this new Online medium, country borders could be transcended. Very soon the new trend of Blogging, the real time effects of sharing on Facebook and Virtual shopping would give me the opportunity to put this cultural learning in to practice.

I returned to Marketing and went to work in Chennai, India, for a Software Development company. I was in charge of guiding our Marketing and Business Development efforts, proving to Western clients that outsourcing to India did not mean a drop in work quality or service. In, 2006 India was the best place to see how fast technology was evolving and I began to understand the power of Digital Media.

I left the chaos of India and arrived in London, in 2008. Five years on,  I now consider myself an expert in Digital Production and Social Media strategy. Working with Global clients such as Nokia, P&G, Intel and Peugeot to name a few, has allowed me to see what works and what doesn’t in Paid, Owned and Earned Marketing and see how brands can build brand advocacy Online and react to their target audience in real time.

With my penchant for travel and real life, sensory experiences, I have a unique ability to understand the relationship between Offline campaign execution and Digital/Social creations. Through my careful strategic planning I aim to drive the buzz around a Localised/Offline campaign execution back Online to a Global audience that can watch and interact from anywhere in the world.

I currently work at 1000heads in the Sydney office.

If you’d like to get in touch email me at rhiannon.monks(at)gmail(dot)com

I’m always open to affiliate Marketing opportunities and also am available for freelance work or consulting.





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