The Future of Design

These days, it is not enough to simply create a product with a sleek design that masks the fact it’s not entirely fit for purpose. Most consumers expect quality and any product considered sub-standard has a short shelf life, or competes in a low end market arena and hence can only charge a pithy price.

Furniture is a perfect example where this holds true. IKEA proved that if you get the balance between design, quality and price correct that the whole world is your potential target audience.

It took many years, but slowly new entrants are coming to the market. While it took Wayfair years to develop an Online presence and consolidate their audience, it appears they have managed to corner the Online shopping market for furniture. For anyone who has been to IKEA and been forced to navigate through their entire showroom in order to buy a chopping board, I imagine for time strapped, yet wealthy consumers, it’s a welcome entrant in to the world of furniture.

However, Resource Furniture, an Italian owned company, has looked further in to the relationship consumers have with their furniture and realised that due to the growing world population, the average consumer now lacks the housing space to buy the furniture they perhaps wish to own. So while Wayfair and IKEA are churning out new sofas and living room furniture, their target audience is diminishing or simply those that like their furniture don’t have anywhere to put most of it.

In response to this insight, Resource Furniture have created space saving furniture. Not only do their designs help people maximise their living quarters, they are also competing in both quality and sleek design.

Check it out for yourself:




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