Enhancing Media Channels: Campaign activity should no longer happen in isolation

Second Screen

I think, all too often, we’ve seen advertising ideas that are brilliant, but never taken to the next level. I have noticed countless examples of a great OOH execution, or clever Mobile advertising, a wonderful HPTO Online, that gets people talking but for some reason the actual audience reach remains limited to its media channel, because no-one is thinking about how they could connect the dots and create a true, cross platform campaign.

I know why it happens. It’s because different departments are often responsible for each activation, and work in a silo, until their part is perfect and ready to go live. But along the way, they never stop to think about how, with a few small tweaks, the idea itself could be adapted for a different channel, thereby increasing the overall reach for a small, additional cost.

This post and the next aim to explore how this can be done for various media channels – whether it is an example of how to extend Online direct response campaigns to mobile even if your client doesn’t have a mobile optimised site, how to make a full page print ad jump off the page by extending the experience on tablet, how to harness a TV audience’s enthusiasm for a show and turn that in to live, Online conversation or how to immerse a passer-by in to an OOH placement that would otherwise blend in to a cluttered background . Many of these techniques are already being used, but not consistently, and it seems traditional Communications are still largely planned in isolation with only a small amount of thought given to how the experience could be enhanced using the digital technology, that is already being used by the target audience.


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