Is this a Social Led Campaign, a Digital Led Campaign, or ATL?

The answer is – it’s everything. Social is no longer about Online amplification; a truly effective ATL message, effectively integrated with print and TVC will easily spread the word far and wide for you. Especially if you have a great creative agency and a brand name with a strong heritage behind it.

Back4theFuture is a perfect example of when a ‘social’ campaign works. A slick digital design, a user experience that even my Mum could navigate and plenty of ways to ‘share’ with your friends Online. Sure, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube links sit in the corner.
But in case you missed the hidden message, Social Media is not about ‘how’ will we get people to use and share the content we created, social MUST be worked in to every element of the execution, whether it’s traditional, Online or bought media. Clearly that was understood from the outset, when planning this campaign.

And this time there’s a good feeling attached, because every time you share it’s for charity. I’m sure Wieden and Kennedy are already counting the award nominations that will roll in next year. Check out the video below to understand the full vision of the Back4theFuture campaign.


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