Finally the Media Industry Realises…

It makes me very happy to finally see conversation sparking around this topic. These days most agencies claim to be fully integrated. But the small ones barely know what that means, beyond a trial and error approach.

For the last two years people smiled when they heard social media ROI and clients alike accepted that it was akin to the holy grail. To boost happiness, campaigns centred around giving Bloggers a ‘fun experience’ offline and crossing their fingers that the Blogger would be kind enough to talk about their experience (and the Brand) Online. But SLOWLY, a gap appeared. People started to realise, the use of digital media could be applied to these social, Offline situations and rather than hoping for a Blog post – a connection with an Online audience could be made in a much more interactive and instantaneous manner.

According to this article today in Marketing Week “Integration between online and offline media is a hugely complex topic and we’re only now starting to understand its intricacies,not least because online and offline media are usually planned, bought and measured in different ways, often by different teams.”

That is my point. Social, digital and experiential rarely talk. Which seems ridiculous, when combined they may be a giant not even TVC could take down.

I was reading this article thinking – this is EXACTLY what I advocate. I just stumbled across it in Cyber space, not ever having read Marketing Week Online before. So you can imagine my AMAZEMENT when the author referenced a campaign I worked on.

“Nokia has recently integrated its broadcast and social media strategies into one online ad format to extend, enforce and enhance the TV commercial for its new E7 mobile phone. Nokia’s ad campaign debuts the inRoll online video ad format from Tremor Video in the UK. The format allows the brand to instigate an interactive conversation with the consumer, and delivers a highly measurable campaign that can be used to inform its social media strategy.”

So I’m in full agreement that “The challenge for the industry is to expand existing metrics to include other media or develop new metrics to better understand overall ROI.”

I think the vehicle is using digital creations and linking these with Offline activations to propel a real version of social media, regardless of whether it’s taking place Online or Offline. At this point, I believe the potential is limitless with the right creative mind and an Agency or Brand that has the foresight to truly understand the relationship between digital and social media.


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