Volkswagen Prove their Fuel Efficiency with Maximum Impact

I love car advertisements. With automobile choices in the hundreds and the features of most being relatively identical, it’s difficult for a brand to stand out, let alone get consumers talking about their unique selling points. That’s why I’m quite impressed with Volkswagen’s recent campaign in Norway which enabled great consumer participation while also conveying its key product features. In a nutshell, VW pledged to prove the great fuel efficiency of its new Golf BlueMotion by driving it down the E6 (Norway’s equivalent of Route 66) until the diesel ran out.

According to DigitalBuzzBlog:

“Through the BlueMotion website users could guess where the car would run out of fuel in order to win it. Each user could only have one guess, so in order to maximise their chance, they had to find out more about the car. Users could follow the campaign live as the car made it’s way on the journey”.

And that’s why I’m a big fan of this campaign. Consumers will often embark on an Online User Journey to win something, but it’s rarely educational – more a series of challenges for an Agency or brand to boast a click-through-rate to its product sites or Facebook/Twitter fan pages. Once you’ve ‘liked’ the brand in order to enter, I expect most people block the feed or fail to interact again with the brand. While this may be the case here, the User no doubt left with a detailed overview of the product and this cognitive process would have ensured a longer lasting brand effect.


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