Finally You Can Upload Photos Directly to Twitter

Twitpic on Twitter

Well, it only took shy of 6 years, but you can now share images directly via Twitter. It had always amazed me why Twitter had allowed 3rd party sites,like Tweetdeck and Twitpic. to use their API to support this function, but failed to incorporate the feature into its own functionality – losing many users of the original Twitter platform in the process.

While it was a long road to determining a successful ROI model for the founders of Twitter, at 1000heads, we have worked out through careful analysis of Nokia’s Facebook fan page that by including a picture on a Facebook update or Tweet, it more often than not results in a higher click-through-rate (CTR), and a higher number of Facebook impressions and shares/retweets than those posts linking to other URLs or posts without images. We don’t think this is a ground-breaking revelation so it surprises me that with Twitter’s long list of investors and highly qualified Management team, this improvement was only made 5 years after its public release. Oh well, it’s available now and I shall certainly be making use of it. My condolences to Twitpic.


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