Gulp – The World’s Biggest Stop Motion Animation from Nokia

It’s no secret that Nokia’s brand image has recently been struggling. But hardware, software and partnerships aside, Nokia is a big believer in the power of social media and creative digital campaigns – a marketing mix which has seen them retain many advocates and even grow their Facebook fan base from 1 million to almost 4 million in the previous year. I know this as fact, because I work on the Nokia account at 1000heads and we were lucky enough to be involved in the current Wieden + Kennedy campaign – Gulp – the world’s biggest stop motion animation – which was all filmed on a Nokia N8.

Almost a year ago Wieden + Kennedy introduced Dot – The Worlds Smallest Stop Motion Animation, again shot on a Nokia N8. It caused serious waves in the world of animation – not to mention showing off the 12 mpx camera and HD recording qualities of the Nokia N8 in style.

So Gulp, moving to the other extreme has been a clever follow up. A while ago 1000heads sent down some of our Nokia advocates to join the live action on set in Wales – as you can imagine an execution such as this needed several helping hands. Having already had an exclusive look before its release I knew the end clip was destined to look amazing – but it’s worth watching the making of – to see the support and love that truly went in to making this film a success! Well done Nokia and W+K!


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