The darker side of Twitter

We all know from an advertising perspective that Twitter is a great medium to evoke excitement or amplify news on a Global scale. But today in a small corner of the Twittersphere a crime was committed. UK Dragon’s Den TV star, entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne was targeted via Twitter by another Twitter user in an attempt to extort money and threaten his daughter.

Well, at this stage it’s difficult to determine exactly whether there was clear intent and given the Global nature of the offence, which jurisdiction it would fall under – but it marks the beginning of how people may use Twitter to terrorise others. We have all seen the effect of online bullying, how embarrassing content captured can go viral and harm the real life of the unsuspecting ‘star’ – (we knew all about the Star Wars kid long before YouTube was famous, as well as the sinister stories of stalking and even murder on Facebook.

But this just goes to show how Twitter’s design – of connecting with any member online in a public way may need to be monitored in the future. Cybercrime is only going to become a more significant issue of the 21st century and I am very interested to see how conflicts such as these will be addresses moving forward. Assuming the suspect is found and the offence is deemed a crime – where do we go from there. And how many years imprisonment could you get for sending a threatening Tweet? Check out this short film from Real Art that aims to raise awareness for Privacy International about how much data a person will share with strangers on average over a single lunchbreak…

Privacy International – Data Trail from This is Real Art on Vimeo.


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