The Old Spice Duel: I think it’s a great social strategy!

So Old Spice has revived their captivating social strategy with another daring stunt – Mano a Mano en el Bano. I love it. Sadly, some people not well versed in social media, fail to understand its true value. Such as Jonathan Salem Baskin from AdAge. I thought for a rather far reaching and intelligent online publication he may have got the point.

Just to get you up to speed – if you’ve flying under the social media radar – Old Spice brazenly entered the social media sphere in style last year with their ‘Man You Man Could Smell Like’ campaign. For a brand that had barely been mentioned by consumers, let alone media channels for several years – the result was phenomenal.

Rather than simply living off the success and calling it a day, Wieden Kennedy have now come back a year later with a New Old Spice Guy – none other than the legend of Fabio himself. But it doesn’t just trade off of his legacy – it actually encourages fans to choose their side – the New Old Spice Guy or the Old favourite – Isaiah Mustafa.

Anyway – check out the campaign, the online reactions and interact yourself. One thing’s for sure – they’ve done a great job. For a brand that had no value amongst the current generation (didn’t your Dad wear Old Spice??!!), they have really brought the brand back in to the current era, sure you might not be running out to buy the scent yourself – but the purpose of social media is about building brand advocacy. Sales are important too – but let’s not discuss that today. And with that in mind, Jonathan Salem Baskin from AdAge should choose a new topic to comment on rather than social media.


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