Animals in Amsterdam – Artis get creative with OOH

No, I’m not talking about the average tourist visiting this quaint city, but rather a guerilla (or maybe even Gorilla in this case..) campaign that coloured the streets of Amsterdam to spread the news of a recent ‘baby boom’ at the city’s Zoo. Below is the latest innovation for OOH (Out Of Home) Advertising – designed to create mass offline awareness and get people talking about a proximate event. While the average billboard will always be an effective way of getting yourself noticed, it’s very hard to cross the line from visual stimulation to interaction – something that really helps the brand transfer process. I’m certainly a fan of what Artis did here.

Artis babyboom from Dawn Amsterdam on Vimeo.

No doubt the actual effects were short lived (and whether the idea of placing stickers haphazardly around a city, removable or not, equates to vandalism is a point aside) but for a brief moment it touched the lives of those passing by and was probably something they mentioned to friends or family in a conversation that evening. It’s still always hard to tell the full effect these OOH campaigns have on increasing human traffic to offline spaces, a brand’s website or how they impact overall sales figures, but I think a good OOH campaign is relatively inoffensive and makes you smile. And with NCF technology, AR and the increasing use of Mobile technology and campaigns the possibilities of making a OOH campaign truly experiential and interactive will be limitless.


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