Friskies takes the iPad to a new consumer audience

As the technology era moves full steam ahead it’s easy to assume that the main target audience for the latest gadgets and online fads are aged 15-45. But this fails to acknowledge our vastly growing ‘older population’ that have purchasing power and the time to explore and enjoy these new products. Sure your marketing message may need to clearly spell out the benefits and allow time for the older adopters to latch on – but the ROI will no doubt be worth the wait.

However, as you can see in the video below, cat food brand Friskies has gone one step further and realised that not only can the iPad be used by young and old alike – it also extends beyond the human target market to those of household pets. Just shows you how it’s important to consider the full spectrum of consumers when you’re working with technology – and given some people love to dote on their animals – it may be highly possible several of them will be handing over £400 to Apple to ensure their feline lives a pure life of luxury!


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